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Transparent technique, acrylics on paper.<br />
Some 40 x 40 cm.
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"Contemplation" Pascali
Transparent technique, acrylics on paper.
Some 40 x 40 cm.
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  2. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Looking good, Where are you from?
    What type of paint and airbrush??
  3. musicmacd
  4. Neanderdigital
    IThanks :)
    It's made a while back, the brushes used were Rich AB200 (Now Richpen Apollo) and Badger 150 XF. The paints were Rotring Artist Color - inktype acrylics. Excellent for spraying, but don't erase too well. Which was a problem in this one actually. Now I use Golden High Flow, that erase much better.
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  5. Micha der Wolf
    Micha der Wolf
    Nice painting and nice perspective.
  6. Chris g
    Chris g
    Really like the composition.

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