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Hint of colour

As you do!!!!!
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My Boys Tracksuit ABE abe upload test Double portrait wip Jokin Joker Skull Practise Zahid from LOst Hint of colour Yamaha R1M lambo legs. Classic Scrooge- Alistair Sim George Formby 1941.Turned out NIce Again. Mr.Grimsdale.Mr Grimsdale. Poirot Quick Nicolas Cage. Steve McQueen Quickie
As you do!!!!!
  1. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Nice job, love the contrasts. Beautiful detail especially on the card and glove.
    Tuffnutz likes this.
  2. Micha der Wolf
    Micha der Wolf
    Looking great! Did you spray with white or black?
    Tuffnutz likes this.
  3. Tuffnutz
    mostly with white then pull back blacks with wicked detail black coz thats the blackest. then spit some colour on after.
  4. basepaint
    NICE Clean work there T.N
    Tuffnutz likes this.

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