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Paplo II

Gessoed MDF 35x50cm<br />
Schmincke Black<br />
Evolution 0,2mm
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Paplo Sandro Eva Green Candy Skulls Johnny Cash Clive Owen in Sin City Raphael Paplo II Madonna des Magnificat Wolf Devil Dieter An eye for Eric Falco Laura Fred Gantenberg Little Boy
Micha der Wolf
Gessoed MDF 35x50cm
Schmincke Black
Evolution 0,2mm
  1. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Just love your work, another great job!
    Micha der Wolf likes this.
  2. musicmacd
    Micha der Wolf likes this.
  3. Micha der Wolf
    Micha der Wolf
    Thank you so much John and Paul!

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