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Steve Mc Queen

Schöllershammer No.4<br />
35x50cm<br />
Evolution 0.2mm<br />
Schmincke Black
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Micha der Wolf
Schöllershammer No.4
Evolution 0.2mm
Schmincke Black
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  2. odeniz
    Nice work ! what reducing ratio and pressure did you used for Schmincke Black ? thanks.
    Micha der Wolf likes this.
  3. Micha der Wolf
    Micha der Wolf
    I change my mixture and pressure depending on what I spray. Some areas need 4:1 mix ans 15 psi and others 2:1 or 1:1 with maximum 30 psi. This works with my EVOLUTION.
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  4. basepaint
    Another great piece Micha, That sweater is amazing
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  5. Boltcase
    Wow and WOW! That is an amazing piece Micha. It took my wife awhile to be convinced it was NOT a photograph.
    Micha der Wolf likes this.
  6. Micha der Wolf
    Micha der Wolf
    Thank you all for your feedback. I'm happy about this result.!

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