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The Cat

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  3. vlnp
    hmm i try almost all but need to work higher pressure
  4. vlnp
    whats about
  5. Mr. Matze
    Mr. Matze
    I dilute my colors very strongly. Actually always 1 drop of paint and and 3 drops of water. For the dark areas in the picture. If I want to shade, I even dilute 1:10, so 1 drop of color and 10 drops of water. Or sometimes 1 drop of color and 30 drops of water.
  6. vlnp
    ok i try it give this brush last chance otherwise will go from home )) thx
  7. Mr. Matze
    Mr. Matze
    I do not want to sound angry, but please take a look at the pictures of "Micha der Wolf" here in the forum. The pictures are almost all painted with the Infinity.

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