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International Airbrush Days 2017 - The unique conference and workshop event

Discussion in 'Airbrush Courses' started by Roger Hassler, Feb 6, 2017.

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    International Airbrush Days 2017

    More than 30 workshops and demos regarding the airbrush technique with international artists

    From Custom Painting and illustration to special effects make up / April, 20th – May, 1st 2017 in Hamburg, Germany

    For the second time airbrush artists and all people who are interested in the airbrush technique are welcome to attend the three-day lecture event “International Airbrush Days” from April 20th – May 1st 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. The program offers more than 30 workshops and presentations by renowned airbrush artists from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany for both beginners and advanced painters. The event is as diverse as the airbrush technique itself: The lecturers will show you painting in mixed techniques, Custom Painting, illustration, T-Shirt airbrush, basics, special effects make-up and many more themes. Participants can visit all workshops and demos flexibly in order to receive as many insights as possible.

    - From make-up artist to tuning star -

    The invited lecturers belong to the best and most famous artists in the industry: The American artist Alan Pastrana paints with the airbrush technique for 25 years and runs a reputable and successful business as lead artist and owner of Pastrana Unlimited Airbrush Studios, LLC. Pastrana Unlimited specializes in automotive airbrushing and custom graphics. Gear Duran aka Gear Boxx from Las Vegas handles a variety of media and materials, including spray paint, oil, airbrush and digital. Gear is also well known for his live painting in Las Vegas, where he creates huge mural pieces. In addition, he creates eye popping UV Body Paintings, which made him participating at the TV bodypainting contest “Skin Wars”. Canadian Rodrick Fuchs focuses on fantasy creatures such as dragons, reapers and gargoyles which he prefers to paint on all kinds of vehicles. The artist Dru Blair lives in South Carolina (USA) and has developed his very own color theory known as the Color Buffer Theory, which is a fixed component of his courses. Moreover, Dru Blair has specialized in photorealism.

    Barney Nikolic has been working successfully as a professional make-up artist for the past 20 years. He created make-up and special effects for national and international productions, for instance “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Around the World in 80 Days”. Swiss artist Philipp Klopfenstein is known for his T-Shirt airbrush. His specialty is comic art on T-Shirts. German artist Marcus Eisenhuth mainly focuses on macro-photorealism. Bas Maatjes, who was born in the Netherlands, is well known for his YouTube-Channel “Airbrush Effects”. Holger Schmidt, alias “Candyman”, has been providing helpful tips and tricks for years and has become ‘the’ expert in custom painting in Germany. Thomas Olczyk, who was born in Poland, provides insights in his fascinating technique: he paints photorealistic motives on natural materials, such as feathers and leaves.

    - A unique event in Germany -

    The International Airbrush Days 2017 offer the advantage that participants will receive useful tips and tricks from national and international airbrush stars. During 3 days, participants can visit 30 demos and workshops on 5 areas at the same time. In this way, visitors can meet as many unique artists as possible and can learn about their individual styles and techniques – without additional charges. “After the success of the International Airbrush Days 2015, we decided to continue the event in 2017. The conference concept of the event is unique and attracts wide interest”, claims Roger Hassler, organizer of the International Airbrush Days and chief editor of the professional journal “Airbrush Step by Step”. For the first time we can combine many different methods and techniques – from Custom Painting and make-up to art and illustration – during one workshop event.” The well-known airbrush brands Iwata and Createx, which are located close to the city of Hamburg, are main sponsors of the event. The International Airbrush Days 2017 will take place at the centrally located Professional School Burgstraße in Hamburg.

    - Airbrush: Modern drawing technique with numerous possibilities -

    Airbrush, the painting technique with the paint spraying pistol, becomes increasingly popular – in particular as a hobby. The airbrush technique is used in model building, nail design, bodypainting, make-up, advertising and arts as an application tool. In contrast to brushes or pens, the airbrush does not touch the material. Therefore, artists can paint even on curved, structured or particularly delicate objects and materials, as Thomas Olczyk’s filigree artworks on feathers and leaves demonstrate. Due to nebulization, the color application is particularly soft and symmetric. According to estimates by experts who know the scene, there are currently 30,000 people who use airbrush. The origin of the technique is controversially discussed. People believe that the technique was first used for the colorization and retouching of photographs around 1900.

    For more information about the International Airbrush Days 2017 visit


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    About newart medien & design / Airbrush Step by Step:

    In 2006, Roger and Katja Hassler founded the company newart medien & design GbR as publishing and advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. The publishing program by newart medien & design GbR mainly revolves around the topic of airbrush. Qualified designer Roger Hassler paints with the airbrush technique since 1994 and works as an author and lecturer in this field. The company publishes the quarterly magazine "Airbrush Step by Step". The magazine focuses on all aspects of the airbrush technique – from custom painting, illustration and bodypainting to digital art. In addition to the magazine, the book program includes manuals and work books, as well as imaginative illustrated books.

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