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Iwata Eclipse Packing OLD style.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting!' started by Eric'sTshirts, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Eric'sTshirts

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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Thanks DaveG, I think you solved that issue for me. These are likely very old. They seem to work, but I was hoping the common problem they share was due to the packing. So ... going a bit off topic, most of these brushes have a bubbling issue with the bottles. I found that if I applied some thick old to the threads of the aircap/head, and really cranked with a wrench, I could stop this. But I don't think I should need to wrench to get a good seal. I replaced all the O-rings. My guess is that these are really old, and I should consider replacing the heads? Also, they seem to have some issues at 50psi sucking paint up the bottle. The bottles are new, and cleaning fluid will flow just fine. I've tried thinning the paint, but this does not seem to matter sometimes. It seems the slightest issue and the paint splutters. Since this is common to many (4 out of 10) guns, I am trying to find out why. So ... I guess I'll google the common reasons for spluttering paint.

    Thanks all for your help so far!
  2. DaveG

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    Jan 2, 2017
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    West Virginia
    OK, these issues you are describing would not have to do with the needle packing, and may all be related to one another.

    Bubbling in the bottle or cup - Air enters the brush on the bottom, exits at the front (in front of the paint supply). For air to make it back into the paint supply, there has to be a leak somewhere. On the Eclipse, that will almost always be the nozzle cone. The cone fits into a small tapered section, then the nozzle cap screws down on top of it, in theory forcing the taper to create a seal. Does not always happen - debris may be trapped between the nozzle and brush body. Over zealous cleaning and scraping could cause a scratch on one or both parts... it is a common condition. I tiny bit of chapstick or bees wax applied to the taper of the nozzle cone before installation into it's taper in the brush body will solve this problem. A little goes a LONG way. For good measure,a little chapstick or bees wax applied to the threads of the nozzle cap will also aid in sealing everything up.

    I will mention, that if the nozzle caps have been tightened to an extreme, it is possible that they (the nozzles) are now distorted, and would benefit from being replaced. It is also possible that a crack at the leading edge of the nozzle could be the source of air introduction back into the paint supply... Which leads to the next issue. Poor paint flow from the bottles. Paint is drawn up into the brush by a vacuum created by airflow over the nozzle - air leaks will diminish the potential vacuum, and effect paint flow. Addressing the nozzle as described above will more than likely cure your ails, as long as paint reduction is correct for the pressure being used. Also, make sure the vent hole in the top or the glass jars is open, and free of obstruction - as paint is being drawn out of the bottle, air needs to be drawn in to replace it.
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