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Modified my AB for comfort

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks!' started by Splat, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. JackEb

    JackEb The Dragon Hunter Staff Member Admin

    Apr 21, 2012
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    Mt Barker, South Australia
    dagnabbit @Squishy, will you stop typing while I'm makes it really hard to keep up with the thread and the hijacking there of !! !

    we must be related, my real name is 'oi U !'.... we really must get together with the rest of the family one day, Cum'ere U hasn't changed, but her sister WasThat U is a real mean piece of work. . . .

    I know I've seen movement from mine, but no sensation of the tail hitting the base (C'mon squishy......away you go ) I will check when I get home and see how 'loose' it seems to be

    and if you don't give any dirt, then dirt will be created and sculpted accordingly !

    ADD isn't so bad, I now have AAD (Airbrush Acquisition Disorder) which seems to be contagious if you hang around this place to long.....!!
    I also have CDO, which is a severe version of the more common OCD

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  2. AndreZA

    AndreZA Elite Member! Elite Member! Very Likeable!

    Feb 28, 2012
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    That's some serious modifications. That must add a ton of weight to the guns.

    Because of the sloping design of the Eclipse an Micron triggers, I only build up the back part of the trigger with some rubber epoxy or Sugru to give it more grip.


    I do it because I only use the back of the trigger. Here's a little video of how I hold guns.

    Also, all my guns have Zsolt trigger- and softer needle springs in.

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  3. Splat

    Splat Gravity Guru

    Sep 27, 2016
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    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    I considered that Andre and weighed the total add on. It is a fuzz under 1 ounce total. But the add is offset by the cradling at the back, and with the 3rd contact the perceived weight is actually less.
    Plus I find I prefer the balance point further back.
    All is subject to change as I get along of course, but at this point its all about comfort so I can concentrate on technique.

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