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Practicing fur 11419 Little 18x24cm Yoda 11549 Latest try Just testing different things 12648 11799 12649 11825 Newest painting Classroom in a box Mini portrait Mini face Old painting that I did Photo in different light
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  2. ChemicalBurn
  3. musicmacd
    Nice work, was that a Marissa course?
  4. hamaf
    Thanks! Yes it was. This is not actually done yet, but I thought I'd post it, since it's already an amazing result for me. I dediced to start a new one and maybe tweak this a little in the near future.
  5. MarcosD
    wow luky b... wish i could do marissa or dru couse, the paint is awesome!!! the eyes the hair, is gorgeous!!
  6. Smiler65

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