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My first work with Airbrush, March 2018 13476 13486 13509 13511 13535 13546 13558 13587 13595 13615 13645 13708 13721 13729 13744
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  3. Franc Kaiser
    Franc Kaiser
    Good suggestion, Tuffnutz. I didn't know James Julier before. Interesting stuff.
    Tuffnutz likes this.
  4. ChemicalBurn
    Your style is very distinctive. Very cool.
  5. Franc Kaiser
    Franc Kaiser
    Thanks, ChemicalBurn. I feel it’s still too close to Giger... somehow this comes naturally with the airbrush.
  6. ChemicalBurn
    In my opinion comrade, being too close too Giger is a good problem to have!
  7. Franc Kaiser
    Franc Kaiser
    Hahaha, yes but I am talking in terms of style, not technique. His technique is still unattainable by anybody, I think.

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