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Candy & Flakes 13427 2 Skate Decks The HULK Board 13755 Captain America Board 13757 13758 13829 13830 Harley Davidson Longboard 13904 13905 13906 13907 13908
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  2. SiRoxx
    I saw this on the front page a thought it was you Mr. Matte. Your eye’s have a great style to them.
    Mr. Matze likes this.
  3. Tuffnutz
    Someone has asked me to have a go at their Snow board and Helmet.
    Never done one before but I have a go at Destroying it. I'm good at that see.
    Oh and a Shotgun or Two.
    Maybe Zombies on one. He's not sure coz of the firearms officer is a bit of a church goer. Plus he will have to dismantle as I don't have a firearms license anymore.
    Ex- Military.
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  4. Mr. Matze
    Mr. Matze
    you can do it!

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