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This one is turning out better than my first one.
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This one is turning out better than my first one.
  1. Nokie
    Coming along pretty good!
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  2. bhayden73
  3. barto
    Freehand is the hardest part in my opinion, I suggest you postpone this for just a second. Instead of this, please try to play with 3D geometruc shapes and some masking tape or stencils first. Only shading, no lines. Shading is the biggest airbrush advantage. I also suggest you to start with a large canvas, it makes things easier and will not make you discouraged.

    Good to see you here.
  4. bhayden73
    Yup freehand is hard. But that's what draws me back to it. It's the challenge of getting control of the airbush. I do need to practice in a lot of other areas such as, using stencils and creating stencils, shapes and shading. I have a long way to go.
  5. barto
    if you eliminate colors for practice, You can focus on shading, and save your time for cleaning airbrush. You can always add transparent colors later. Simple stencil could give you clean edges and some details. Color is additional learning difficulty.

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