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Mike Broaddus
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  2. splasha
    really 'cool' work!
    Love the detail, and the flag just rocks!
    Q: Did you have to practically disassemble the guitar, or did you just mask all the pick-ups, bridge and headstock bits?
    Just curious to know how you did it all, that's all.
    Great job!
  3. Mike Broaddus
    Mike Broaddus
    Thanks spash,I found this guitar completely dis assembled in a bag at a garage sale,seemsa guys son took it apart and did not know how to re assemble it,I gave him $10 for it bought some new parts $25 and the body was stripped already so I put some art work on it and sold it for $ was a mid range IBANEZ like new after I did the work..You can get by masking the strings need to come off and a really good masking job is needed and be really light on spraying any clearcoat.

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