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5x7 Yupo White <br />
Createx Illustration,Wicked Detail<br />
Iwata Hi Line CH
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Nuthatch v3.2 Tiger Blue Jay Nuthatch Eagle Chickadee Three Eagles Weeping Angel
Ricky Spanish
5x7 Yupo White
Createx Illustration,Wicked Detail
Iwata Hi Line CH
  1. Basstrack238
    As soon as I saw it, I knew you painted this awesome piece! Really great job Ricky! I like it a lot.
    Ricky Spanish likes this.
  2. Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish
    Thank you @Basstrack238
    Much appreciated :)
    The painting took a couple of tries, but I got there eventually.
  3. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Great job you just keep improving
    Ricky Spanish likes this.
  4. Ricky Spanish

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