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Facebook winter challenge 2018

MDF.35x50 cm.<br />
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13568 13586 older lady clone tag: -6884253457471979834 Leslie-Nielsen 13951 13963 Facebook winter challenge 2018 Sean connery 14072 Katherine-McNamara. 14152 14238 14350 14368 14473
erwin de pan
MDF.35x50 cm.
Createx CM/sb
  1. Tuffnutz
    That should have been in POM dude.
    Really nice.
  2. erwin de pan
    erwin de pan
    Thank you I made this 3 months ago. It was a competition on a Dutch facebook page.
    I could not post it earlier.
    Got the 4th place.
    Tuffnutz likes this.
  3. Tuffnutz
    Nice to win but it's not important. It gets your work seen, that's what it's about dude....... Says the starvin doodler.
  4. bhayden73
    Very cool!

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