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Majestic Tiger

12" x 12" Airbrush and brush work.
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Homeless Guy Majestic Tiger
12" x 12" Airbrush and brush work.
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  3. CALz AyrWKz
    CALz AyrWKz
    Thanks Tuffnutz. Should I rename him? "Superdooper Tiger" LOL
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  4. Tuffnutz
    Fur dinand
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  5. PogArt
    Thanks CALz ;)
    I can only appreciate the hard work,that you’ve put to finish your tiger such beautifully... I’m aiming to paint wildlife,but it’s not any easy ;)
    Thank you ;)
  6. CALz AyrWKz
    CALz AyrWKz
    PogArt, I've checked out your gallery and you are doing some very amazing fur. You've got a couple of really nice paintings there. Don't be so hard on yourself. I do understand, because us artists are our own worst critics. But, really, you're doing just fine.
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  7. PogArt
    Thank you for Your keen words CALz ;)
    I guess,that without positive comments left for me,I’d quit drawing/painting long ago ;)
    I love every others works, but I’m not as kind to my own pieces ;)
    Lol ;)
    Thank you once more ;)

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