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My Cameron Diaz

My first b&amp;w portrait of Cameron Diaz. I bought the ULTIMATE AIRBRUSH CONTROL video.<br />
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My first b&w portrait of Cameron Diaz. I bought the ULTIMATE AIRBRUSH CONTROL video.
I used Iwata Custom Micron CM-C v.2 "first time using it"
Paints were Iwata Comart transparent black.
Painted on a large 30"x 36ft poster board.
Eraser was the faber casell Glass pen.
I want to say this took me about 20 hrs to complete.
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  2. Cluck Kent
    Cluck Kent
    Hey NNemo – nice job mate.
    I too have bought the UAC Video and couldn’t recommend it enough to all developing AB artists. I haven’t done the portrait yet as I moved onto doing the eye project and one real life skull project which have helped me to identify those effects that I need to hone before I risk making a hack job of Miss Diaz. You’ve done a great job of her mate! Now I am going to have to shake a leg and get onto the project portrait to see if I can do as good as you.
    Keep em coming!
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  3. rhabyan
    Nice work! This is rally impressive for a first time B&W portrait. Keep this up and you will, no doubt, be teaching us in the near future.
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  4. Firepriest
    Nice one NNemo. I do like this. This looks like the work of someone well accomplished...not a first time attempt. Well done...I'm jealous..Lol.
  5. airbrushtutor
    Turn out pretty damn great Nemo :)
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  6. rasputin

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