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Pirates of the Caribbean

Fan - Art on a Bottle that is used as a savings.<br />
Size: about 50 cm high<br />
Color: M-Art-in...
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Fan - Art on a Bottle that is used as a savings.
Size: about 50 cm high
Color: M-Art-in Acrylic
Psitols: IWATA-HP-B

Due to some requests that have reached me regarding the bottle:

This bottle is a SINGLE PIECE and is NOT for sale !!
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  3. Anima-Airbrushart
    I also had spider legs here and there. But since certain places had to be edited with black again, that did not matter :)
    With the bottle only templates were used to transfer the most greasy parts of the individual motifs. Afterwards everything was free hand.
  4. Tuffnutz
    Hard surfaces are tough cookies. Might start doing things different now I got a micron. A bit more control.
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  5. Anima-Airbrushart
    I do not own a Micron..mhmmm .. the bottle is made with an IWATA HP-B old version.
  6. Tuffnutz
    Only just starved myself to get 2 days ago.
  7. Anima-Airbrushart
    true, the part is a bit expensive ^^

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