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Portrait of a Baby

Size: Din A5<br />
Color: Schmincke (neutral gray - sepia mixture)<br />
Pistol: IWATA HP-B<br />...
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Size: Din A5
Color: Schmincke (neutral gray - sepia mixture)
Pistol: IWATA HP-B
However, the name of the one on the chain on the arm I had to alienate. So do not be surprised if there are so blurry spots :)
  1. Souldog Airbrush
    Souldog Airbrush
    waa nice details man!
    Anima-Airbrushart likes this.
  2. musicmacd
    Gorgeous mate!
    Anima-Airbrushart likes this.
  3. PogArt
    It’s beautiful !!!
    Anima-Airbrushart likes this.
  4. Anima-Airbrushart
    Thank you very much
  5. s78
    Great job!
    Anima-Airbrushart likes this.

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