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Reflections From Yesterday

Size: 40x30<br />
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas<br />
Airbrush: Iwata HP-BC<br />
Paints: Createx<br />...
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Size: 40x30
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Airbrush: Iwata HP-BC
Paints: Createx
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  3. Tuffnutz
    excellent. Different kettle of fish on canvas for me anyway. Keep it up
  4. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Beautiful job, very life like and photorealistic. Am I missing something? I see a reflection of a person but no person???
  5. frowan
    William, congratulations again amazing artwork, sky colors are so real, i can sea all primary colors blending together, and ocean, Beautiful composition and theme.
  6. TwinbrotherStudio
    Thanks guys. Nice to hear other people enjoying my art. And BigJohn, yes, you are seeing it right. This painting represents those we have lost in our lives.
  7. Big John 1945
    Big John 1945
    Got it, makes the picture even more impressive with that interpetation. Thanks

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