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Rice and Beans

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  2. Lowrider
    I was asked to paint this in the cup holder of a domino table. I painted the area white and then added a light coat of ocher and some spots wit burnt umber. I made some bean stencils with tape and placed them randomly and I made a stencil for the rice as you see in the picture.
  3. Lowrider
    I put 3 drops of ocher and 2 of burnt umber and used the rice stencil all over the area. I slowly kept building it up and defining the rice. Then with a 2 to 1 mix of white with ocher, I did the highlights on the rice. It came out OK.
  4. Mr.Micron
    Damn I just thought you took a pic of a bowl of arroz LOL This is an amesome painting !!
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  5. Tuffnutz
    Painted on Licepaper. Glasshopper .
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