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May 20, 2020
Feb 21, 2012
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Aug 5, 1986 (Age: 33)

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May 20, 2020
    1. Shawnavin
      at what level would you recommend the paid tutorials? I have no art or drawing back ground till 2 months ago. now I have been practicing the basics as well as the first tutorials. I am getting ready to do the diaz pacage. what would you recommend, and one more question, do you know of anyone that would do more private skype lessons?
    2. GypsyGoldAu
      G'day there bloke...i'm new around here and got chatting with JackEb who said this is your site.....
      I wish to pass on how impressed i am with the range/quality of information here and thanks for providing a platform that so many helpful individuals attend...

      I've bookmarked your tutorials, but haven't had time to look over the whole site just yet
    3. Makeda
      You have helped me so much in just the week since I have found your tutorials. I've only been airbrushing for four weeks to this point and now I feel I have the confidence to continue to learn and grow.
      1. airbrushtutor
        glad I've helped Makeda :) thanks for the message :D
        Jun 4, 2016
    4. Hansy007
      I addition to my question belo: Is it useful to apply a Transparent Base and iron on before applying colors, and in addition using more Textile Medium (binder) and Pure Pigment Colors to the for example Createx Airbrush paints? WhatsApp +034 654 192 661 Thanks!
    5. Hansy007
      Hi !! I am new here, I think this is the perfect place for my question because I really need some help: Which airbrush paints and which additives in it are best if you want to keep the colors really SHINY (like recently airbrushed) on white Tshirts after washing?
    6. Nkrpainting
      Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and awesome turtorials!
      1. airbrushtutor likes this.
    7. simp35
      Just dropping in to say Damn theirs how to videos an then theres your best thing ever, after watching the video I can say its a deal at $97 with what is included the tip on fiberglass pays for half of it by itself on the details it can give thank you...... oh on Designing your extraction system into your easel or art board would you have plans or details on how one could build it
      1. airbrushtutor likes this.
    8. Hzz
      Hi, I haven't been airbrushing for a couple of years. I just found your web site and this forum by random. I just want to say that I'm very impressed of your work. Your tutorials are really good and you have the humor. Love that. :)

      Thanks for inspire me to start painting again !

    9. Old Buzzard
      Old Buzzard
      Been trying to contribute on the Orange forum here, but there seems to be no way for me to process a payment.
    10. ayr-worx
      Thanks for your comment, You are an inspiration to the airbrush community and this form of creativity. Thanks for your videos, tutorials, and step by steps... I have learned a lot from you and this website!!! Keep it up...
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    11. ferry554
      Thanks for liking my drawing, i did the colors with watercolor, Before i came on this site i already saw some of your youtube vids, you re a comedian!! really funny,
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      2. airbrushtutor
        Thanks buddy :)
        Jun 18, 2014
    12. Mychal
      I just wanted to say thank you for everything youre doing :) I've learned a lot just by watching your youtube vids and you've really inspired me. Thank you
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    13. taz.24
      Hi again,
      Can you still download the monotone image of cameron from part 1 of your tutorial ??
      If you could give me a link it would be nice . I never got chance to have a go when it first came out.
      thanks Kev
      1. airbrushtutor likes this.
    14. taz.24
      Hi Mitch,
      would it be our same password & login deatails for the ab tutor as the forum?
      as I can't login in with them or do I need to re-register?
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    15. Trem
      Just noticed on the Forum front page, it's your birthday... Happy Birthday!
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      2. airbrushtutor
        Hey Trem!! sorry mate i've only just seen this message :) thanks for the birthday wishes!
        Jun 18, 2014
    16. MrDigBick
      Fancy a bum?
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    17. ulltraz
      i cannot say how gratefull i am for your dedication in sharing what you know over airbrushing, all i can say its that from all the books, magazines, internet sites,and videos, you where the only one that actually said how hold an airbrush,that has count.and for this forum, well its one of the best i´ve seen in my life.keep on going with the good work.

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    18. chuckborris
      airbrush tutor, i just seen your from sydney australia, i just moved to sydney from the goldcoast i was just wondering if you do one on one lessons? if so how much ? very very interested in getting some
    19. KenBadger
      Mitch, can you email ( me what I need to do to be a supporting member or whatever you call yours? Hope all is good with you.
    20. Glen Hunter
      Glen Hunter
      Great website...cohesive instructions that make sense. Also a great community for all things about the airbrush! Best tutorials I've ever seen.
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