0.2 needle in 0.15 noozle?


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hello every1!
I dont want to spam forum with stupid questions but I had this one on my mind for couple of days now. I been playing with my infinity 2 in 1, was cleaning it and noticed that my 0.15mm needle was a little bent, i had another look under pocket microscope and yes, it is bent so i was thinking with such a little difference in 0.2 and 0.15 needles am I goin to be ok using 0.2 needle in my 0.15 noozle? mainly i want to know because 0.15 needle is so delicate hopefully 0.2 will be more durable? Did any of u guys tried this?
You will only know if you try but I would say dont be surprised if it does not work. Most airbrushes need to be mated with their conjoining nozzle twin to have a proper fit in the nozzle. Like I said though its worth a try :).
How far your needle protrudes from out of the nozzle will influence how well your brush works, I'm not saying it can't work but I'm sure your spray pattern will suffer and you will more likely to have clogs, H&S needles are not that expensive when you compare them to Iwata ones so I would advise you buy a couple at one time to avoid disappointment.

Just as Boltcase says, the sets are matched and generally for good reasons;)
Did it out of necesity once (one tends to bend them on a saturday evening with the shops closed till tuesday :p) with an iwata. Although it did work (as in it sealed the nozzle and no paint came out when giving air) regulating paint was a hassle. I think that due to the needle being at a different angle it would at a certain point all of a sudden give a load of paint instead of gradualy increasing the amount (hence, as mentioned, needles and nozzles match)).

Another concern (especialy with the soft nozzles of an H&S) might be that the 0.15 will end up being 0.2 after a while.
In my experience, the .2mm needle doesn't work well in the .15mm and vise versa. I've found the H&S needles are pretty easy to repair with a small bend. Pinch the tip and twist between two old utility knife blades, then wet sand and polish. The Infinity has the pronged needle protector on it, which is pretty easy to remove tip dry. I don't ever remove mine unless I am trying to do ultra fine work, which is rarely necessary.
ok Thank You all, I am goin to try to repair a needle and maybe i will buy a set 0.2 needle and nozzle in the future
The 0.2 is visibly quite different to the 0.15. Luckily you don't have to change the nozzle cap if you want to change the nozzle to 0.2.
I have used an Infinity 0.15 needle in my 0.12 DeVilbiss Super63. It did work but wasn't as good as the 0.12 needle, the taper is different so I would say no. Try to fix it, it's not that difficult as long as it's not a bad bend. It was OK for an emergency until I sourced the correct needles.

I had a look to see how the different size needles and nozzles would fit together. I did not test them but I don't see it doing any harm if it's an emergency.