12 Basic Auto Air Color Kit



I ordered the Auto Air Kit from tcp global. Aluminum base, semi opaque Brite white(which sprays amazing. Best white I've used yet.) flame yellow, flame red, emerald green and deep black. Transparent white, yellow, traffic red, and blue. Pearl white, cosmic sparkle silver. Base coat sealer white and dark 4011 fast dry reducer a tech guide and a bunch of 1 oz mixing cups. All 4oz bottles.

I did this club tonight, will take pictures in the sun tomorrow. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1344318824.366648.jpg

Mixed transparent blue and cosmic silver over a white base, the did a dark. Base with an attempt at true fire with white over the dark base. Then another coat of that blue and cosmic sliver. Did a quick coat of aluminum base for some sparkle.

I'll take another picture tomorrow in the sun, the house light doesn't do it justice.

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Oh, the point I was trying to make is that you can do alot with that kit by mixing your own stuff. I know all those fancy colors can get expensive. So I definitely recommend the kit if you are looking for paint that ad hears better to metals.

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Just a note for you , 4011 and W100 are the same thing But the W100 cost less the larger bottle you buy. 4011 16oz 19.25 compared to W100 16oz bottle 13.50. I was told this buy the guys at Createx... Other than that AA is a good product I have also gotten the same effects from mixing Wicked Silver pearl with colors too. Have mixed AA with wicked as well, The only thing that Createx says not to do is mix Createx in with any of the other water borne paints they sell.
So could I mix createx classic with medea textile Mr M?
I was more along the lines of going for black and black, green and green etc so as not to have to throw away all this medea textile :)