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Hello everyone, I have a question to start an airbrush.
1. The color to use in initial training should take any type of watercolor paint. Colored plastic ....
2. Should airbrush onto the surface of paper or cloth or something ...
Hi Solun, I am not sure I fully understand the question, so I will try answer some of what I think you- are asking (I am also a little new to the art)

If you are asking the question about what paint to get first because money is a priority, then I would get a black or grey paint, along with the reducer or medium from your local art shop. some peeps use India ink, and like me, I went for the local brand of cheap acrylic ink.
remember to reduce (thin) your paint to the consistency of milk, the India ink may already be thin enough (need clarity) but some drawing inks like FW Daler Rowney need further reducing. I used a formula from this forum of 25% denatured alchohol, 75% water (distilled if available) and a drop of glycerin per 30ml (1 ounce). and then you will need to play around with your pressure from your air supply/compressor and with the mix of your reducer and paint. I am using about 10- 15 Psi and 2 drops ink to 4 drops reducer, but i am still playing and learning.

I hope this is clear.

for practicing I would use all the old paper you can find, and then go onto more expensive papers/boards/canvass when you are confidant.

I am also sure you will get more and maybe better advice from others here.

Please let us know if this answers your question?
Salunamania, not watcolour paint but water soluble paint like acrylics. Not out of the tube as it is not meant to go through an airbrush. Like Flycatcher said, look for an acrylic ink or just a plain ink otherwise. Play on normal typing paper or those rolls that you feed though a printer.
Sorry for the question is not clear.
Youtube clip of the practice and the teaching of basic airbrush and line drawings. What kind of paint to use for teaching.
Thanks for every post
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hey friend the best way to start is to see how much you can afford in money.if you are in low money you can try any ink from windsor and newton,they do provide inks for airbrushing.black or very dark color.if you start with inks you can use as a support any kind of paper that is for printing in a pc printer.

on the other hand if you have money you can start with comart or createx or any other paint,and use special paper paper for airbrushing.

start simple!!!as you progress along you can buy more specialized materials.

hope this helps!!!:angel:
Any suggestions to help me a lot in the beginning airbrush. Thanks for the help.
Solun, can you give us an idea of what equipment you already have.

In terms of inks and paints, even food colouring could be used.
I also ask my one customer to keep all his throw away printed papers to practice on.
are you wanting to paint onto cars, helmets, metals, paper or something else?
For training I use the paper first.
Can be controlled using an airbrush on the expertise already.
Other materials will be used.