2 question need help



Hi guys
I been away for a while but now I'm back and I see everybody improve a lot!

1. I want to try the createx illustration base for thinning paint but if I'm right that one is a solvent based. I cant find any info about my Iwata Neo is compatible with the solvent or not. I using Createx airbrush colors.

2. What type of pencils should I buy to make touch up work on a paper medium ?

I dig in the forum in the last few day but I can't find any proper answer.

Thank you very much
Iwata Neo airbrushes are solvent proof..!! Anyway.. I think that Createx Illustration Colors are water based colors..
All Createx is water base , You can use either the W100, W500 or the Illustration reducer with them .
prismacolor water color pencils work great.
What they said and I'm pretty sure illustration base is not to thin paint but to make it transparent. The product Mr Micron mentioned are are thinners/reducers.