2 weeks of progress on exercise sheets



Figured I would post my progress in my airbrushing. After 2 weeks of owning an airbrush and doing sheet after sheet, ruining a needle and tip, and finally getting the right ratio for thinning paint, I think I can move on to the dagger stroke. I have noticed when doing the lines that as soon as I kick off the paint and continue to "move through the line" there is a tiny influx of paint. It makes it look as if I didn't keep moving at the end of my line. Anyway I guess I need to move faster or clean the brush really well. I'll probably keep posting my progress so I have a place to see the changes and have constructive criticism.
Thanks everyone!

Those look good!!! Few things I would suggest. On your dots, they are all 100% black which means you went 100% intensity, try pulling back less on the trigger for each dot across the page and they will go from dark to light. It's good for learning fades.
And your lines look good as well but a little squiggly, so do mine but that will get better with time on the brush. I believe the spots at the end are from a dirty nozzle. Use ammonia free windex to clean it, I have found it work as good if not better than the rest especially in the nozzle area.
All around though that is a good practice sheet, I have seen way worse :)

Yup dirty nozzle/tip was the problem. Your right!....I totally forgot to gradually fade the intensity on this sheet. I have been doing that normally but totally forgot to show it, oh well lol.
My lines do need more help before I move on to another technique, so I will keep plugging away until they are straighter and varying intensities.
Thanks for the kind words.
No problem!! Also try using a very small paint bush with cleaner on it to clean all of the inside of the nozzle, this way you won't risk flaring out the nozzle tip, it works great.

Fantastic idea. Ive been soaking mine and just using the compressor to blow it out. Never would have thought of using a small brush. Thanks
Looking good. How's it going now (2 weeks later)?

I'm waiting for my new AB and paint to arrive because i can't get my cheap ass AB to work properly. Have tried differ psi, totally stripped AB down and cleaned it, diff paint mixtures etc etc. Really missing the daily activity.
I am still practicing daily but haven't been loading up any progress photos. I need to load up some but have been lazy.
I was fortunate to skip the frustration of "cheap" equipment. I saved for a Badger Renegade Spirit and a 3 gallon air compressor for.my beginner rig.
The hardest thing honestly at first was just reducing paint correctly. I was using opaque black and could never get a mix I was happy with. Now I work pretty much with transpearents only. Wicked brand detail paint is great stuff.
I took Mitch's advice to heart and committed to learning all the techniques first before jumping into actual art work.
Every week I get better and am now getting the confidence to actual materialise what I see in my head. I am obsessed with free hand and not relying on stencils at all. I have always sketched and used pencil from a young age, so my goal is to be completely free hand.