2K Clear?



I have always used 1k in a can. I don't like having to mix the paint for 2k. I tried using Spraymax 2k in a can recently and love it, but availability is a problem. I live in Houston, TX, you would think I could fond it local. The internet is the only place I can find it. Are there any other products anyone can suggest or maybe a vendor in my area that I do not know about!
Hi Zimmer, if you get no replies from here, go to your local dent doctor/body shop/panel beater and ask them. I even went so far as to get them to clear the helmet i did for a friend.
Most local paint suppliers can get you the 2k, but not in a can like spraymax, I do know that the Eastwood co also offers a similar product.

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The can brings convenience. Not having to mix paint or clear another gun. My local shop has PPG and Delton., Any recommendations on what in those paint lines to use for a clear coat newbie?
Zimmer, might be best to ask the paint shop, you can get budget guns for cheap. I think I got a 2 gun set from the Eastwood co for like $40. One is a clear coat / base coat gun the other is for primer, the nozzles are different size. I only wanted the larger nozzle gun, but for the price I went for it. Just remember any 2k clear you should be wearing a charcoal p95 rated mask for painting. And have good ventilation. Made that mistake myself years ago. Painting a truck cab interior. Outside no less. Went to buy my respirator the next day.

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