33-gallon Husky Compressor



This compressor kicks butt. The compressor has only filled up halfway and hasn't had to restart yet. I only ran into an issue with my airbrush with what I believe is called "tip dry". I now reduce my paint in a separate bottle before adding to the AB. I have been using a moisture trap recommended by an Airbrush guy I saw on Youtube. However, I didn't see 1 spec of water in the moisture trap... I think ill just practice without it?? I airbrushing a backdrop for my work's winter party on the 8th. Ill take some pics later and post the progress of the "Winter Wonderland". Also, here's a link to see what the compressor looks like. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/300/e4/e4e6be53-cc08-4731-843e-6492a582bf03_300.jpg
Nice unit. A bit loud though. I paint in my basement. At night frequently. That sucker would wake the whole house.

I would suggest to keep the moisture trap, in humid weather you might need it, hate to find out after the fact . I run them on all but one of my hoses.

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Agree with wayne, keep the moisture trap on....even though you cant actually see water drops there still is dampness(moisture) naturally created from all air compression. They are not cheap but well worth it!!!
So, here's my first piece using all my new equipment. Nothing too fancy but it was good practice!Backdrop.jpg