38mm needle instead of 66mm



I have a Paasche talon tg3f set. So when I decided to try 66mm set i found that the needle pokes out from aircap crown for few millimetres. Having inspected the needle i noticed that it has two ribs(as the one which was installed in the airbrush). Does 66mm needle should have 3 ribs(because i one review i saw the picture of the needle with 3 ribs) or its OK?
So i have one needle with one rib and two with two(and visually i see no difference betwen them)


Gravity Guru
I have a Talon and yes your .66 needle should have three lines. The part is #TN-3.
The .38 needle will have two lines. Part #TN-2
The .25 needle will have one line. Part #TN-1
Hope this helps.


atex, it sounds like Paasche screwed up when they put that set together. You should have gotten: 1 rib needle, 1 rib nozzle and 1 rib aircap, 2 rib needle, nozzle and aircap, and 3 rib needle, nozzle and air cap. It sounds like they gave you one .25 and 2 .38 needles. A .38 needle in the .66 nozzle and aircap, the needle will stick out like you said.
I would contact Paasche and let them know that you did not get the .66 needle in your set, I'm sure they will make good for it. In the mean time, if you want to use the .38, just put the 2 rib nozzle and 2 rib aircap on and you will be good to go.