3d effects help.


Double Actioner
I'm playing around with the hood to my bowling alley in my basement, I'm trying to add somewhat of a 3d effect so that it looks like it's a "portal" or something like that opened up.
That's what I got so far, I tried adding a lil white to the inner edge as you see it helped but doesnt pop like I hoped should I have done this to the outer edge but left a little black in between or ?
Any tips, tricks, help or advice is appreciated, I'm still very new to all of this.
Hard to suggest, not a bowler so not 100% sure how this would sit or where it sits in relation to other parts of the bowling lane, but perhaps adding a perspective effect in the bgbit of black behind the figure fading towards the edges then pop the chain work with white and blue highlights, otherwise perhaps leaving a black gap (around the edge of the piece)and then use some more blue/white combo on the other side of the gap so it looks doorish if you know what I mean but honestly hard to say without seeing how it may sit and what part you want to add that depth to..Nice work though, looks pretty good :)

PS Some drop shadows maybe?