6° Linear Air Flow Angle



I was doing some research and heard that the Renegade Velocity has a 6° Linear Air Flow Angle. My question is what does that mean and how does that impact the quality of the airbrush and what you are working on or how you work?

Is 6° Linear Air Flow Angle just some marketing hype? I have emailed Badger asking them about it and waiting for an answer (just emailed them today) but thought I would ask the great ones here and the not so great so all can comment.:highly_amused:

BTW I know that Linear Air Flow Angle has an effect on the flight characteristics of fighter planes but don't understand it's application to airbrushes.
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It is the steep taper on the needle giving you more precise control of paint flow at the nozzle.

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Wouldn't a smaller angle give more control it seems 6° is a rather sharp angle not very gradual and wouldn't a gradual angle give better control?
6 deg is a shallow angle. the Krome/ Renegade needles have a long taper. Its 6 deg off the flat of the side of the needle. Where as a Patriot , .5 mm needle, has a steeper taper, not sure what it is, but they are very different.

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it's really mostly marketing hype. Since the air doesn't really hit the needle except for the protruding tip, the 6 degree "air flow angle" of the needle really makes no difference at all. The paint does come in contact with the taper of the needle, but having a smooth transition has more impact on performance than having a shallow over all angle. Strictly speaking, a truly laminar air flow would be great for fine detail work, but wouldn't atomize the paint very well beyond pencil-thin lines. So, at best, it's miss-applied physics/engineering, at worst, it's pure marketing hype.