A couple of (Maybe related)n problems with Badger Krome



Hello everyone!

I previously had an issue with a brand new Badger Krome in which the hold down ring would not even screw half the way down. I bought it on Amazon and had it replaced promptly although I got the second one from the same vendor.

When the next one arrived I was shocked at how amazing detail I can get on my miniatures now compared to my Iwata eclipse (I use that one mainly for priming and basecoating.)

I immediately noticed that there was some air escaping from the threaded areas at the base of the the hold down ring and the spray regulator (Very obvious when a drop of water gets on there and it bubbles). I thought maybe that was to be expected since there is no seal between the nozzle and the tube in the shell.

Well, after a week or so, whenever I start spraying (this is especially true at low PSI but can happen at higher too), the paint flows for a little bit, then I have to move the trigger back. At that point it will spray for a little more and I'll have to pull the trigger further and so on. This is leading me to cleaning waaay more than usual, as I get to only spray for a few seconds before the trigger is too wide for my uses (I'm using the Krome as my detail brush.)

I also noticed that compared to my Eclipse, the needle has a LOT of friction going through.

I really want to keep my Krome, as the level of detail I can achieve with it is incredible. Does anyone know what these problems could be caused by? I am thinking of returning this one too and make sure that I never deal again with that specific vendor on Amazon. Seriously, if you could have seen the first airbrush that got here you would be terrified. I know it is not the manufacturer's fault, but this krome is the only experience I have with Badger products and it's making me want to look elsewhere as I never had an issue with my Iwata Eclipse.

Any help would be highly appreciated!
The leaking air issue is common. You can take care of it by either rubbing some bees wax or candle wax on the threads, or use some pipe tape (small piece) on the threads. That should take care of that issue. With regard to the trigger problem. First and formost, is the paint stops flowing, then stop pulling the trigger back. You run the risk of ruining your art work when the paint just shoots out in one huge blob. Take the front end apart and soak the pieces in some acetone or better yet Createx restorer. That will clean the extra paint off the inside of the nozazle pieces. Use whatever you can get into the back of the nozzle to clean it, a small paint brush is just fine. Take the needle and clean it. Then wipe it with a dollar bill. Pinch it between your fore finger and thumb. The idea is to polish it. Lube the length of the needle with airbrush lube or just miner oil (baby oil). Then reassemble the gun. If you feel the needle is still not moving freely, take the needle back out and remove the back end. Down inside, beyond the handle, you will see a hole with a screw slot. Turn that slot 1/4 turn and reassemble. See if that helped. If not, then do it again. The cleaning and polishing and lubing shoould take care of the issue though, so I don't think you will have to mess with the packing nut. When you lube the needle, make sure you wipe it with your fingers to ensure you haven't put to much oil on it. If you do over oil it, you will know it when your trigger starts to stick from oil buildup. Let me know if thaat helps.