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Young Tutorling
hey all ,

as i am new to this i wondered if i could have your advice on whether to go for an iwata eclipse cs or the micron???? im looking to getting it as a starter kit ... and as i am saving currently im in two minds ....

any opinions greatly appreciated

leanne xx :)
Hi Leanne,
In my opinion the eclipse would be a better airbrush for a beginner since it has the 0.35mm nozzle setup and is not as problematic with the paints.
With the micron you have to delute your paints very good and specialy when you are starting out the deluting of the paints is pretty hard till you
have figured it all out. Also the micron is pretty expensive and i would not spent that much right at the start when you have to try if airbrushing
is the right thing for you. I do have an Eclipse and it´s really a very good airbrush, you cant go wrong with that one. Let´s see what others will
think about it, but that´s what i would suggest :)
Not sure about your level of dexterity with the airbrush and where you plan to go. But if you're a real starter go for the Eclipse, if you expect to be spraying fine detail within a reasonable amount of time the Micron would be a better choice. Please bear in mind that the Micron's nozzle is smaller than that of the Eclipse and that it is therefore pickier where the use of paints is concerned. You can spray by far the most paints with it, but for better results you have to dilute the paints more with the Microns than with the Eclipse. But I started as a complete newby back in the 80's with a Paasche V#1 which was top of the bill at that time and I never regretted it.
Hey leanne, I have the eclipse, and love it. I asked the forum not too long ago whether I should be trying to save up for a micron, and the conclusion I came to was yes. However the eclipse would still be my main gun. When (one day) I get a micron it will be for super fine detail, and will be the accompinament to the cs that will hopefully add a new dimension to my work. The eclipse is a real all rounder, but can give some awesome detail too, I'm really very happy with it, and what I can produce with it. I generally work on bikes, and a lot of the time am working on a smaller scale than if I was to work on a canvas say, but the eclipse can handle it really well. I would say you couldn't go wrong getting the eclipse, and then once you have mastered it, and learnt how to manage your paints, and air pressure, then move on to the micron. But that's just my opinion, any one else?
Hi Leanne, Ive started with the Iwata HPC+ since then have purchased 2 x bottle feed eclipse brushes and several bottles to make paint changes a lot easier and work time faster. I get pretty good detail from the eclipse even though they are .5's but the HPC+ is .35 unfortunately as my first brush it copped a hard time being dropped from not having a suitable set up was used to spray all sorts of paints and generally poorly looked after. it now needs several (expensive) new parts, fluid nozzle, new cap and a new needle not a cheap way to go to bring it back to it former glory. Ive learnt a lot on what not to do to an airbrush now ánd will give the HPC+ some love soon. I find I can do most of my work with the eclipse's. If your new to the game with not much time holding an airbrush I would go a cheaper option first rather than buy an expensive brush and have it give you grief. Ive found rule of thumb that the more expensive the airbrush the more reliability issues there are especially if your going a real fine brush and often the parts are also dear. The eclipse for me is a great option for parts and performance you can paint thicker paints or higher volume faster with the eclipse than you will be able to do with the micron.... Im looking at a Badger Krome as an alternative to the Micron for fine detail... Sorry I have neglected to mention Im a bit of a newb and still have a long road ahead before i can even call myself an artist. this is what Ive found in my short experience as a budding airbrusher I hope it helps...
I started with a hp-cs and still use it on almost every project that i do and i own a micron. But I would think like this, your are a creative person and love art so the odds of getting frustrated and quitting are very small. So this alone makes buying a micron more justifiable as your first brush but then again is money a issue. Microns are to me the best of the best and I would have loved to had one for my first brush, but it wouldn't be great to learn with because of replacement part prices. The fluid nozzle is $50 and you will mess this up in the beginning no way around it. The fluid head system alone costs $125 and the whole brand new hp-cs costs $135 and all it takes is to drop it one time and your buying this. Need I say more.
Also what kind of starter kit are you buying? I'm assuming it's one that comes with a small silent compressor that only runs when you push for air.
If so these are junk and within a month or two you will be buying another bigger one. To me a good compressor is about as important as the brush when starting out. YOU JUST NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR GET A COMPRESSOR WITH A HOLDING TANK 2 gallon or more.

Right now at coast airbrush they have factory refurbished iwatas that are perfect working order and are a great deal, I have bought one like this from them and they are great. They have a hp-cs for $95 (originally $135) and a hp-c+ for $140 (originally $195) this is what I would go for, and later on you can modify this brush and make it into the poor mans micron, Mr.Micron gave me that little chestnut of information, lol!!

I would take the $ you would be using for the micron and get something like this and get the good compressor along with what you will need to go with it. You will always want to buy another brush down the road, but you don't want to keep buying compressors.i know all of this now because I bought 2 of those so called starter kits, lol! And I sure wish I had this forum when starting out, lol!! Good luck and hope you get one soon to start!!!

Good advice about the compressor from the monkeymeister, an expensive brush like a micron, and a cheapy no tank/or tiny tank compressor, is not a great combo. Def make sure you get a reasonable compressor too!
hey all,

thank you all very much for taking the time to reply back to me i really do appreciate it :) after reading all these replies i think im going to go for the eclipse and then later save up for the micron as has been suggested i think in the long run it makes more sense :) i am new to airbrushing but i am very creative and do know im addament of putting in the time and effort to master as much of this as i can :)

the starter kit i am hoping to buy is from ebay and the following items are included etc:

Iwata Eclipse HP CS Airbrush Deluxe Starter Kit
Anest Iwata has introduced a starter airbrush kit that will help you learn while using the best equipment in the industry.
Each kit includes an assortment of quality materials and equipment that helps you achieve some impressive results.

Kit Includes:
HP CS Eclipse Airbrush
IS 850 Smart Jet compressor
Table top cleaning station
Com art paint kit
Lubricant 1/2 oz, 14ml
Instruction video, Eddie Young Freehand DVD
Airbrush cleaner, 4oz
Stencil artool Eddie Young
HPA quick joint (male+female)

please let me know if the compressor is suited for this??? and any other opinions regarding the package

cheers :)
That compressor is what I'm talking about, it doesn't have a tank. If you can opt for the smart pro or bigger with a Iwata compressor. That one your getting cost 250+dollars and the smart jet pro is $315 If you were just to buy it buy itself. I personally wouldn't go any less that the power jet pro. I love Iwata airbrushes, but not fond of the compressor because of the prices!!!! I have heard good about the ones with the tanks, but you need to get the right one with a bigger motor to fill the tank quicker. If noise is not an issue get a 6 gallon from wal mart.

i have smart jet i get it from second hand (tank would be nice thought) by 120e and that brush thing i say go for micro if you get cheaper that is original is i buy mine from Ricce 220e that was good price i think 470 e is too much if so velocity or krome is good choice price is not bad but maan brushes are good
I agree with Seamonkey that this compressor wont make you very happy after awhile. If you airbrush in your house or appartment and you want a really quiet one i would suggest to invest a little more money and get a
silent one like the Bambi BB8 Silent Compressor. I do have a Sil Air silent compressor but it seems in UK only the Bambi´s are sold. You can have a look around for Sil Air 20A or 20D, or also a EuroTec 20A, they are abit
smaller then the Bambi compressor line.
i hate noise too but isent that bambi really expencive how silent it is its sad that iwata comp are so over priced
i hate noise too but isent that bambi really expencive how silent it is its sad that iwata comp are so over priced

They are not cheap thats true, around 360 Euros for the one with 9 Litre tank. They are making about the same noise as a refrigerator. The loudest noise you
will hear is the air walve that lets the pressure off after it reached the 6 Bar again. Such a compressor is like a one time investment since they usualy run for years.
The Sil Air is also around 330 Euros here in germany, but i found one that was the same but without a the brand name, and i payed 280 Euros for that one. On the lable
inside the cover it even says Sil Air 20A lol.
Not that I want to advertise an auction website, but a second hand one to start probably wouldn't be a bad way to go if money is an issue. I was going to suggest Bambi, but Stranger beat me to it. You definately need one with an airtank! If you are buying used, then make sure it has a safety cut off valve (so that you can set it to cut out at a certain pressure and not just keep filling up until...bang!), it may come with a regulator, water trap, bayonet fitted hose, but if not you will need to get these, and you will want to drain it of any water that might be in the tank, and give it some fresh oil before you start it up.
It might be worth putting a plea on this site to see if anyone wants to sell one. If noise isn't an issue, (i.e, you aren't going to get punched in the face for disturbing anyone), then getting one that isn't whisper will be cheaper. But they are LOUD!
But you will be saving loads by going with the eclipse rather than the micron, so I would definately invest that extra money in a good compressor!
thanks for the advice again , looks like ive definately decided the airbrush with the approval shown , now im on a mission to seek the ideal compressor and will come bk with the results for second opinions :) ur all superstars ty xxxxxx