A few questions about siphon fed airbrush bottles



Hi all!

I normally use my Iwata Revolution CR - it's a dual action, gravity fed brush - but I recently picked up an Iwata Revolution SAR - it's a siphon system. This is the first siphon brush I've ever used. I use the airbrushes to build scale plastic models - I normally use lacquer, enamels and acrylics. It came with one bottle but would like to pick up more ... my questions about this new system are:

1) Are the siphon bottles/tubes universal - to where all bottles can work with all brushes or do I need to only buy Iwata bottles? I'm concerend specifically with the tube and whether there are different sizes per brand, etc...

2) Is there a different bottle needed for single action as opposed to dual action. As I'm shopping around I'm seeing a distinction.

3) Is glass better than plastic? I paint with Laquers, enamels and acrylics. Other than the transparency issue.

4) What is the standard size? The size that works for most paint jobs? 1oz? I see a lot of the 22cc bottles for sale - that seems small.But there may be an advantage to the smaller sizes.

1 no 2 no 3 doessnt matter, 4 depend on job size and personal pref.
What the nun said except take your brush and if you can test the fit of the other manufactures bottles. I found some bottles were usable on more than one system.
i've never see a difference in siphon fed adaptors - i believe they all fit the same size airbrush unless its a mega cheapie?
as for bottles i'd recommend solvent proof plastic - no risk of smashing if you drop it. and i don't understand ounces - but i'd prefer a smaller jar like the size of those little wicked tester bottles or maybe even smaller - not sure how many ounces they are? you can just get adaptors for those bottles though and you screw it in place of the lid - bang! ready to spray!
& please don't use single action - dual action only here. single actions aren't worth thinking about! how obnoxious of me
Personally I don't have a single action myself but in the modelling world they are useful, fine art maybe not so much but a constant flow ability does have its benefits, especially if you need to base coat, so it certainally doesn't hurt to own one.....But they are a PITA for any other type of work LOL..You can make some bottles yourself if your handy..But realistically its easier just buying the buggers, even secondhand of ebay maybe, I like the plastic ones but fitted with the steel adaptors on the lids, I find the ones with plastic lid adaptors can occasionally break off and leave you in a bugger moment trying to get the broken off bit out of your gun..But as mentioned, get used to the dual action as you'll find it will out do the single action in nearly every sense..GL
The size of the nozzle on all suction feeds are the same but the angle between the single action and double actions are different. The difference between glass and plastic is the weight. You do get plastic ones that are solvent resistant. They are normally the opaque bottle. I would go with 1oz bottles for model painting.

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Total noob here. I have been shopping a lot for these lately, trying to find a good price and one that will fit on my badger 175. I'm pretty sure they are universal with the only difference being single or double action (as mentioned earlier), because of their different angles. On ebay the sellers from China claim their syphon bottle's fit Pasche, Iwata, badger etc. Do like I did and just order 1. I got mine for about $2.50 and will get more if it's good.
T shirt artist here. I use siphon feed all the time and can tell you that as they said above, they're universal... I haven't found a bottle yet that won't fit my iwatas and work. Even the different angled ones for single action... One problem I've had is the plastic fitting ones will sometimes glue themselves into the gun and that's a pita...BUT the metal fittings can dislodge and fall out of gun easier too.

Single actions have their place.... In a kids toybox, lol... If you're gonna use one of them you might as well just buy a rattle can of paint instead...;)