A Formal Hello



Hey guys. I've been posting on here for the past week with a couple beginner questions. Figured I'd stop by this thread to introduce myself formally to everyone.

Little background about me:
Started pencil drawing around age 10, kept it up till about 16. College years took over most of the time that followed. I am currently now a Registered Nurse working 3 12 hour shifts a week so I've finally got the time to pick things back up in the art world. I got the idea of airbrushing after being an avid cyclist. One day I walked in a bike store looking to pickup a comfy helmet. The only one that fit was a cheap white women's helmet (I've got a small head.) I got the idea of stenciling some cool designs and spray painting the borders of all the holes and it came out awesome (will post pics eventually). After getting some compliments on it, I did some research and came across this awesome facet of art! Since then, I did 2 months of research, picked up a Badger renegade krome, cheap compressor/tank, some acrylics and have been having a blast with... dots and lines... (slow clap.)

Anyways, this is one tedious, difficult challenge starting from square one at age 28. But hey, I'm gonna love it when the practice pays off. Anyways, nice to meet everyone!

Welcome Home Marc,
Cyclist you say.... I sure hope you are not one of the many we have in my town ... been hit by 3 of them because they did not want to chain out at a stop sign. But at least their rich parents paid for the damages ..LOL
But paint bike helmets is good money same with the Skateboard helmets .
You have pick up a great airbrush and look forward to seeing your helmet .
Welcome to the forum!! We now have a medic and a nurse so that's great!! It's always good to have medical on staff ready to go, lol!! Welcome and enjoy!!

Starting at 28!!!!! You're a pup. I was way (waaaaaaaaaaay) older when I first picked up an AB, and I believe there are a couple of retirement aged guys who have taken it up. I do wish though, that I had started at 28, I might be good at it by now Lol! Welcome to the site, feel free to ask questions, and post your progress good or bad so that we can help you on your way.
Weeeeeeeeelcome Marc!!!!! Yes always good to have medical around for that needle stab or paint in the eye. ...lol. Great to have you here and believe me it's a wonderful site with terrific worldwide members ready and willing to help. Have fun and spread the love.
Hi mark, welcome from Northern Michigan... this is great site to learn on, and share your experiences, and we're all still learning. Throw some paint, throw up some pics, but most important, remember to keep it fun!
Hi from the UK and welcome aboard. I'm sure you will progress quickly from dots and daggers!
Thanks for the replies everyone! This forum rocks so far. Great community, definitely a good vibe going around in this place!

I am relatively new here and can say that this has to be one of the most friendly and helpful forum I have ever been on.

Welcome aboard
Welcome to the forum!! We now have a medic and a nurse so that's great!! It's always good to have medical on staff ready to go, lol!! Welcome and enjoy!!

in case someone shoots a child in the eye with an airbrush needle cap for instance
welcome marc, glad you are picking up the good vibes , thats exactly what we are all about....can't wait to see
some if your work buddy