a good question about needle bearings


Air-Valve Autobot!
I have an old badger 150 that ken told me to ship back and he would personally see to it that it would work like brand new again. I should do it. I think I am just to lazy to do it. all this talk about using a krome head in a badger 100 side feed (which i like for the short trigger to tip distance. i would like to tru something with one of my soon to be 2 spare micron fluid heads and i would like to try it with the 150 before mutilating a 100 I cant help it I am a tinker er , any way il cut to the chase nobody likes some one who rambles on and on about use less bull s**t so I am just going to cut to the chase with out going on and on and boring the por reader of this post with a bunch of silly nonsense totaly un related to air brushing , stuff like how my cat is feeling much better since i took care of her flea problem and since it got much cooler all the fleas are caribou gorn , got that from monty python ,,,oh were was i ok ill cut to the chase
is the actual Teflon bearing that were suposed to send our air brushes back to badger to have them replace the same size as the teflon bearings from the renegade guns or the infinity. i am guessing no but i figured i would ask i don't feel like having 2 weeks to get the ab back and if i am going to do an experiment with it theirs no sense in wasting badgers time with it i just thought i could use an old teflon bearing i have oh and by the way sorry for not cutting to the chase
i am more curiouse if the teflon bearing itself from the renegade is the same as the one in the 150 minus the screw it looks it from the picture i should just go a head and try but i misplaced the old ones i had and i dont resaly want toi sacrifice the oes in my krome and velocity both are working like microns i just want to instal one in my 150 thain do my franken brush experiment on that if it fails no loss if it works as soon as i get a brand new fluid head and can afford a 100 side feed il go for it