a little help



so i was thinking of getting a badger renegade krome but i really really like iwata. it seems like iwata airbrushes have that feel to them like its better material feels a little heavier etc but after really wanting the krome does anyone know of a really good iwata that can compare or is similar to the krome thanks
well man as you can see from my signature do not use either,but from what i have learned here,am about to give some love to me and its going to be an iwata hiline.that is because waiting for a krome is to much for me.but the krome from what i have heard is amazing.you can´t go wrong with any of both,so its a matter of preference.

hope this helps!!!
Well I have a Krome and an Iwata Hp-ch. I
love both of them. I personally feel I can control the Iwata better. Its a feel thing for me. I also have 2 badger Patriots, an Anthem, a
Spirit and a Velocity. Too many? My wife thinks

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