A New Airbrush Cleaner? CLEAN SPIRIT

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Hi All,
Came across this product in my local ASDA store and looking at the back of the bottle looks ideal as an airbrush cleaner...Its made by bartoline in the uk, and marketed as a replacement for white spirit. It costs under £2, is clear, non smelling and very effective for removing com-art colours from my trusty h&s infinity with that pesky 0.15 needle and nozzle. In so many ways this is much better than the powerful but non friendly spraycraft airbrush cleaner with xylene!!! I think I may just have found a new market for this stuff...what do you think? Although it does not say as much it sounds as though its kind to ptfe and other "O" Rings and appears harmless to chrome and other metals. There is a FAQ sheet available on the website. Couldnt attach it :>( The forum lied to me I can post attachments...see below...

Product Description
CLEAN SPIRIT isa revolutionary water based alternative to White Spirit, Turpentine Substitute and Brush Cleaner. Due to the minimal solvent content, Clean Spirit is safer for the user and to the environment. The mix of high tech components are all readily biodegradable.Clean Spirit can be used to clean both oil and water based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads. Containing a specialised conditioning agent, paint implements are left feeling soft and supple. Clean Spirit may also be used to remove paint spills from hard surfaces such as worktops, laminate flooring, glass, etc, as well as from textiles such as clothing and carpets. It also makes an excellent degreasing fluid for removing oil and grease from tools. In tests, users stated there was no difference in cleaning qualities between White Spirit and Clean Spirit, and when removing paint from textiles, they thought Clean Spirit performed better.Classified as Low in Volatile Organic Compounds, with a solvent content of below 8%, CleanSpirit is safer for the environment, especially when compared with traditional solvents that are regarded as Very High VOC’s with 100% solvent content. Clean Spirit carries no Dangerous for the Environment classification. Clean Spirit is virtually odourless. Normal paint solvents usually have a very strong hydrocarbon smell that most users dislike, especially when using in confined areas. This means when painting internally, there is no requirement to open windows and doors as when using White Spirit, etc.Clean Spirit is classified as non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive, resulting in a product that is much safer to use. This also means that it carries none of the label warnings of other paint solvents. There is no restriction on the sale of Clean Spirit and no need for the usual storage precautions associated with White Spirit, etc.In recent years, the instability of world oil prices have resulted in massive price rises for hydrocarbon based solvents traditionally used in the paint industry. As there is only a small volume of solvent in Clean Spirit, costs will be more stable and not vary as widely. Clean Spirit is also extremely cost effective, currently costing less than White Spirit.Available in 750 ml and 2 litre Pet bottles, and 4 litre HDPE Polybottles


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Hmm interesting one!!! I'll keep a look out for that brother. .... Thanks for sharing. ... where abouts are you from buddy
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