A photocopy line drawing?

erwin de pan

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I was watching Blair's class progress. And it struck me how detailed and light the drawing is.
So I asked and was confirmed that the drawing is copied onto the blair paper.
I say drawing but can see it's an edited photo.
Can someone tell me how they do that?


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I believe Dru teaches his techiniques using Topaz software - but, do not know the specifics. Pretty sure if it was meant to be public, he would publish the exact steps he teaches himself. I also beleive that he and a few others I know that use the method use Epson printers. You will need an ink that will dry on the synthetic paper. I have a cannon pro100, and its ink will not dry on the surfcae, and if printed too dark will pretty much just run...


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Part of my brain objects to lines being printed prior to painting, it feels like you’re just colouring in. The other part of my brain says it’s just a way to get the end product and it’s not much different to laying down landmarks by spraying through a cut paper stencil. (Which I do)
So whatever you think will get you to a great end product is fine by me :)
I can also understand that in a classroom environment it’s more efficient to have the artwork laid out and get the students painting.
There are several software options to generate line drawings. Topaz , gimp, photoshop to name a few

erwin de pan

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I know what you mean.
When I first started I used the square pattern to draw.
Then a projector.
Now graphite paper.
Every step forward also feels like a step back.
Maybe I'll never try it, but I'm curious how it works.
Also don't have a printer for larger than A4.:(


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If you first have to draw the image it will take a lot of time. If it's a freestyle design it is fine. You can roughly sketch in the composition and build up everything with the airbrush. But a portrait needs to be spot on with its ratios and tracing is the best method. For class purposes it is fine to print out the image as I think you are basically only teaching how to colour in.


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what i use for tracing, a light table, it's basic a box with glass on top and the bottom is a lamp, i did mine, with straight lamp led and the box covers with white paper on top the glass, and them u print the image, and put your drawing paper on top printed image, than turn on light, and start to trace.
About sizes bigger than a4, u can print the image in separate a4 papers, example in case of a3, a3 is 2 sheets of a4 than using tape align and stick the two papers and then u have a3 ready to trace.
the video on previous answer using adobe photoshop i tend to use, save ink from my printer.
the problem with light box is the more thicker the paper the worse is to be visible the outlines, i use drawing paper, canson xl bristol 82 lbs works fine, hahnemuhle bristol has 120 lbs start to get hard to see but still good. anything more heavy paper u wont see much, but a fix for that is use a brighter lamp, i use 600 lumens a lamp, something more lumens with be better.