A small dot of paint before I pull the trigger back



I've got a Harbor Freight airbrush and I've noticed an annoying problem.

When I first fire up the airbrush to practice I get no paint through the nozzle until I pull the trigger back.

On follow up strokes I get a small dot of paint as I start the air, then nothing until I pull the trigger.

A couple weeks ago I bent the needle which I resharpened and polished the needle at the same time, could this be a problem between the mating surfaces of the needle and nozzle?

I made sure the screw that takes up slack in the trigger is not engaged.

Anything else to check or has anyone else run into this problem?

Thanks for any suggestions, Jim
hey jim..... i think you either have a little blockage in your nozzle , in which case a clean should sort..... or it could be you are not doubling actioning properly?? air on, paint on, paint off, air off... get back to us if you are still having troubles
Hi Jim,

Try removing the handle and tightening the tension adjust a little. If it's too loose, it doesn't push the needle all the way forward when you release the trigger. If that doesn't fix it, your needle seal may be too tight. It can be adjusted with a small screwdriver from the rear. There should be just a slight amount of drag when you install the needle. Have a look at this page.

I would start with making sure I stop the paint before stopping the air, it's easy when your in the thick of the action to lift you finger from the trigger before having stopped the paint and this will leave paint on the needle, just ready to go shooting on your artwork just when you didn't need it.

I've started to shoot off to the side or in my hand (just turn the air on) when I'm not to sure if I stopped the air in the right sequence, so any paint that could be present is flushed, if you checkout videos you might notice a lot of airbrush artist do this.

Hope it helps :)
Yer as white Knight said. .... Don't shoot off over your artwork. .... Do it in your hand ?????????? Wtaf????? Hehe
Thanks for the suggestions guys, Thanks for the link Don, a lot of good information there.

I cleaned the needle/nozzle as you suggested Ad fez, kept the air on for longer after a practice stroke as WhiteKnight suggested and the problem has gone away!

I really appreciate the help.

Thanks, Jim

PS thanks for the laugh, I think I'll fit right in with the rest of the gutter mind people here.