a temporary save


Air-Valve Autobot!
i discovered a leak in one of the welds on the tank so as a quick fix i picked up a 7 gallon tank at wall mart and hooked up the regulator to it and it has 60 psi . the pressure switch is defective so i have to be careful not to lesave it. as for the compressor i dont have to worry about the over heating issue any more it has a small but verry powerfull fan on it and it is relitivly quiet no more wories about that crazzy land lord shes 1000 miles away freezing her fat arse off in new york lol so i can paint all i want now as soon as i get the money im waiting onn i will buy a ca airtool compressor and plum the 7 gallon tank to the 6 gallon tank thain the thing will hardly kick on at all lol air brushing in peace and quiet