A tip of the hat from small-town, USA!


john thompson

Sooooo...I joined this forum a few months back and haven't been too active until recently, but I wanted to give a shout-out to everyone here because I've been really impressed by the sense of community present on this particular site. I'm fairly new to airbrushing but I can honestly say that I'm addicted at this point, though I've been drawing and painting most of my life. I've been fervently watching vids and tuts on the youtube, especially Mitch's--cuz he knows how to edit (lol) and has a cool personality and style to his vids unlike a lot of the monotoned advisors out there. I live in a small town in Arkansas called Benton and there is not a huge artistic community or presence out here (that I've been able to find, anyway). I'm currently enrolled in an auto body collision/refinishing program at a local technical college, and I love it, but since I've found airbrushing, I discovered that there is so much to do with this medium that I don't know where to start much of the time! I've done a couple of helmets, a motorcycle fender, some guitars in the works, and a couple of t-shirts for my niece and nephew. Unfortunately, I haven't been too keen on remembering to photograph what I have done so far otherwise I would love to get some feedback. I'll try to get something up soon. Anyways, thanks to the moderators for what you do and to everyone else for spreading the love! Peace!

Johnny "T-bone" Thompson
Welcome Home T-Bone..
You have found your long lost family that spans across the globe, we hope to teach you as mush as you teach us..
damn i wish I had a cool nickname like T bone! at there moment in faced with the arduous task of trying to make my mrs call me fezley snipes but shes having none of it!......welcome brother.....its great you have decided to get a bit more active......I'm looking forward to sewing your work and sharing a good laugh with you dude.....all the best from the uk
Welcome aboard t-bone from good ole Chattanooga! You have came to the right place!! Next time remember to take pics and join the fun!!

G'day John

I'm a fellow Thomson but no P : ) Im sure like myself I get the P and you get it without lol ?

Looking forward to seeing some pics of your next projects .

I know what you mean about addictive I haven't event got an airbrush as yet but am already hooked
: )
Hi from the UK. T-Bone is so much cooler than Squishy! (You don't get any street cred with a name like that I tell ya!) Thanks for the intro, looking forward to some pics of your stuff!
Hey John, welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing some of your work here!
welcome aboard from a fellow addict, im just doing dots and lines oh and airbrushing bricks on my studio walls, ill post when im alittle futher along
I'm new to this forum myself, but from one Arkansan to another "Welcome"......Now that I'm older, I'm all about the small town thing and relocated my family to one just over a decade ago, and we love it.....at least Benton is close to a big city....If our Walmart ain't got it, its a 65-70 mile drive one way, to a decent sized city for me...lol.

You do know, you've got a top shelf airbrusher in Benton don't you? Robert Powell used to have a nice airbrush shop in Hot Springs, then moved it to a location at his home in Benton about 10 years ago. His website is airbrushguy.com if you need more info on him. I don't know him personally, but I've spoken with his wife on a few occasions and they seem like good folks, and Roberts artwork speaks for itself.

I'm located halfway across the state from you, but I'd be glad to help should you ever need it.
welcome aboard from a fellow addict, im just doing dots and lines oh and airbrushing bricks on my studio walls, ill post when im alittle futher along
I love this idea of painting the bricks......a thousand miniture canvases!
Wow! I did NOT expect to see as many folks that are so close-by! Air, I absolutely have heard of the "Airbrush Guy" but for some reason I thought that he had moved away to another part of the country but his website does say he's still here and yeah, he's supposed to be THE guy 'round-these-here-parts. But anyway, I'm really glad for all the responses and equally excited to be a part of this new community! Now I've just got to get in the game and get sprayin' and post some pics!

Johnny T-Bone