a versitile compressor?

Michael Wine

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I have spent some time reading through the forum... no, not ALL of it, but a goodly amount.

I want to use an airbrush to apply stain to wood in the short term, and possibly do some painting or other stuff some time down the road. My first impulse was the "inexpensive" Harbor Freight compressor and airbrush kit. Nice and quiet, and would most likely get me off the ground.

I have a wood shop in my basement. Between photography gigs I do some woodturning, wood carving, and some flat work too. A large compressor would be a good thing to have.

I spotted this compressor during my reading in the OA forum, and it seems to fit the bill... maybe?

Would this compressor allow me to throttle down the air for the brush, but also blast enough when I need to clear wood chips from a turning? The more I research the more confused I get. I know I need to educate myself, but the learning curve is pretty steep!

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
that compressor will do everything you want to do. It has a regulator on it so you can just reduce the psi at the compressor to suit your needs. It will however be noisy, but not fill as often as a smaller one.

You'll just need an adapter to go between the existing fitting to your airbrush hose. (1/4" to 1/8" from memory - ) take the hose with you and ask for a suitable adapter
They are pretty popular in the US, good value, and run at 60 decibels I believe which is pretty quiet. Great for airbrushing. Depending on the sizes of the pieces you want to spray, and the psi you will need - large pieces and high psi, using it to clear large area of chippings at high psi for a while etc - will have it refilling quickly and often, putting more wear/strain on the motor. If that is the case you may want to consider a larger tank. But for more general airbrush use it seems a favourite.
Lol Compared to my compressor that is actual silence lol lol lol. Mine could give a jet engine a run for its money.

I read the spec of these once before I realised they weren't available here, and it said something like a normal conversation is 70- something decibels, (although I have read elsewhere in passing that conversation is an average of 60 decibels) and that you could carry on a conversation while it was running as it was only 60. ( the folks in my neighbourhood def seem louder than that lol. But not me of course, I have the quiet, dulcet tones of a murmuring mouse ;) )

I think one of the Bambi low noise compressors was something like 56 decibels, but also around £550 - reading that, was the point I stopped looking at it lol.
db are relative to the surrounding noise...... during the day I barely notice my 55dB compressor...... once its past 7pm and neighbours are all in watching the telly, it is very noticeable....... not enough to warrant a noise complaint of course, but its still very noticeable.
My woodturning is much louder than this compressor, at least as it is represented in the video. I do most of my work in the daytime. I too looked up what 60 db was like, so I think I am safe. I just want something that is versatile, and affordable. I can spend half this amount for the HF compressor, but that is very specialized. I'm thinking I'll pull the trigger on this one, and then start my hunt for a reasonable airbrush and air line to reach my bench.

This video will show you at least one of the applications I want to do. I have seen several of these in person, and I can't wait to try it.

Thanks for the comments, I fear a new compulsion is in the works! (Dang, my "ART midichlorians" are strong!)