a word on the richpens



what about the richpen phoenix 213c.i will apreciated any word about this airbrush!!!is nearly as good as the mojo 2 or super tuned phoenix also by richpen?
the "super-tuned" Phoenix is just old stock of the Mojo 2. I bought some while Bearair had a "buy one get one free" deal going on the super-tuned 213's. I sent them both back in favor of having one Iwata. The biggest gripe I had about them is where Richpen placed the paint cup in relation to the trigger. If I had a comfortable grip on the trigger, my finger knocked against the paint bowl. If I adjusted my grip, I couldn't get the control I wanted.

Other than that, the "tuning" job was half-assed, at best. Both brushes I got would handle very fine detail pretty well ( I can't say "micron-like", but not too far off), but had trouble with consistent control in the "mid ranges". To me, the trigger was more of an on/off switch than a nice, linear action. At least once you got past the pencil-thin line range.

The kicker for me was when Steve "Bear" Angers admitted on his former forum that he sent out two defective, old stock "super-tuned" 213's to a customer that he apparently thought was working with Eddy Wouters trying to find out the "secrets" of the Mojo. The concenous opinion was that I was the repipient of the purposely sandbagged airbrushes. Even if it wasn't me, its still messed up that he would purposely send out defective airbrushes to any paying customer.
My favorite AB is the mojo ii. It's one AB ill never sell. For me it is consistent and very easy to control. I bought it used so it is well broken in. I don't think people realize an AB needs to be broken in just like a paint brush.
I also own 2 microns. Yes two. One is brand new the other I got for $75 because it was beat to hell. It had been dropped when I got it and needed repair. I fixed it and it paints circles around the new micron.
I like the micron but I am more impressed with the richpen and pick it up first.
that is the responce i was waiting to get finally decided!!!i open a thread about both mojos and decided for the richpen,but having second thoughts between other types of prescision airbrushes,though i already own an infinity,but a recent accident with a tip made realize that i needed a second precise airbrush for backup and for painting with urethanes.thank you pal!!!:angel:
I've got a Mojo II sitting here and my friend Draggin is 100% correct. The paint cup is in the wrong place. It also doesn't hold a candle to my Micron CM-C +. The taller "formed" trigger was a bonus which I use in my Micron. But since the taller trigger trick tutorial on this site, I think I might just switch it back out and sell my Mojo II.
jeez bossman you got confused again!!!nevertheless i really appreciate your responce!!!:angel:
my friend Draggin is 100% correct

I'm REALLY not used to hearing that. lmao. Thanks, bro.

ulltraz- re-read my first post in this thread, and notice the part where Steve Angers admitted on his public forum to purposely and knowingly sending bad product to a paying customer. It's unfortunate that Richpen continues to do business with BearAir, and that, if you're in the US, Steve is your only source of them (Mike Learn was supplied by Steve with the 213's to "Mojo-ize" until he switched to the Paasche's). But, Steve has a loooong history of getting into trouble with airbrush manufacturers, largely for selling off-brand parts as being genuine parts. There was a long time that he couldn't sell Iwata's (which was when he started selling Richpens). Grex laywered up to get him to completely removed their name and all logos from his website after he was caught selling cheap, Chinese-made parts as "Grex" parts.

If thats the kind of business you want to promote, by all means, roll the dice and buy from Bearair. If you'd rather get as many crooks out of this business as possible, find someone else to buy from. The Richpens aren't THAT good of airbrushes
ok,am not in the us but a lot south from the states,in honduras and bearair is the only source for richpens,nevertheless i have a backup plan which will be buying an iwata hiline with a .2 conversion kit and some spare parts from mike learn to fit my paasche talon, i will love to hear about this alternative plan.by the way i appreciate your responce!!!:angel:
Must be just me. I love the mojo ii. I have a mojo iii as well. It's ok but doesn't put out much paint. It's really just for fine detail. I have richpens and badger and iwatas. All spray different but none are much better than another. I also have a hp-c with the .2 conversion. Poor mans micron. It's good very similar to the micron. I extend all my triggers. Almost 10mm. It maybe why the cup location is not an issue for me. Now the soltar 20/20 I get my finger stuck on the cup. So I'm happy with my mojo ii and I only get my parts from mike learn. Never dealt with bear air so I can't comment on them.
thanks man!!!i really appreciate your time but from what i have learned well what can i say, beariar its a very doubtfull gamble and 350 bucks are too much.but the fact that you have a hiline hp-c with the .2 conversion and taked about it makes me happy since very few people had done so.i had my mind in having an extra airbrush since i can´t afford to be without a machine for some days,and the fact that i need a precision ab that can handle urethanes since am thinking to go pro.and its not only you here there are whole bunch of guys that REALLY love mojo II,that´s why i started a couple of threads on the subject.:angel: