AA colors new reducer??? - Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer!!!


Mac-Valve Maestro!
Hi all. Hust visited the Auto Air Colors page and found out that they changed their reducer for their paints with the new Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer!!!
They say:
"High Performance Reducer greatly improves flow and reduces tip-dry compared to reducing with Wicked W100 or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer.

High Performance Reducer enhances flow without surface tension allowing for greater coverage per coat without risk of craters which may occur when reducing with W100 or 4011 Reducers.

Colors also dry faster and cure with improved film properties through air drying alone compared to reducing with W100 or 4011 Reducers.

When reduced with High Performance Reducer, colors appear matte and level after curing."

Has anyone tried this new reducer?? Is it really so much better than the 4011??
W500 which is the same as the 4012, Is amazing stuff. while I feel nothing will totally take out tip dry, This stuff does make it shoot like E'Tac or urethane. with 90% of the tip dry gone..
White still has the most evidence of tip dry but it does not happen a lot.

On another note W100 and the 4011 are the same reducer ,
SO yes Createx has made a major break through on this one...