AAAAAH! Humidity givin me tip dry.



I unfortunitly have to airbrush outside in ah high humidity place, like the top end of australia.
tip drys killing me ANY ideas?
Only thing I can think of is to over reduce and then you can turn your pressure down, this should help, but you will have to do more layers to get the density of colour you want.
Try adding a drop of glycerin to your paint or if you can get some Conditionaire from Etac, that works even better. Don't add more than a drop, otherwise your paint will never dry. I usually 2 or 3 drops to a 4 oz bottle of paint.
I too live in the top part of Australia where humidity is high and annoying, and I am also having the same problem. I have always diluted paint with reducer to the recommended ratio. Lately I have started over-reducing but now in addition to still getting excessive tip dry (to the point of not being able to complete a line) I am breaking the paint and it just splatters. I have reduced my air pressure, but still no improvement. Thank you squishy, I will try an even lower air pressure. JTairbrush, where do you get glycerin or conditionaire from?
I couldnt agree with ya more Squishy! I live in Southern Oklahoma and our humidity fluxuates something aweful!! I have to mix my paints differently almost every single time, and adjust my air pressure every day. It sucks but Im slowly gettin used to it and have figured out different methods for different humidity levels, just really something you have to play with until you get it flowing smoothy. I think in due time you'll be able to have a good feel for it almost immediately when first spray. I can almost tell by the weather how I need to mix mine. Good luck and dont give up!! One other thing that Im over the top about is this new PAINT PICKERS NOZZLE CAP for the Badger Krome, I love this thing. Its made perfectly where you can just pluck the tip dry with your fingers, where all my other brushes I have to leave my thumb and index fingernail longer so I can reach in there to clean my tip!!!! Over reducing helps dramatically though!!!!
where do you get glycerin or conditionaire from

Try your local supermarket or chemist m8, I live in a smll country town and even my crappy supermarket has glycerin, look near the medicine isle..Flow medium (I use Jo Sonja's) may also help (Get it from bunnings in their craft section), or try whats suggested above of course :)
Try to reduce your pressure. Higher pressure equates to more and faster tip dry. High humidity actually slows tip dry as the moist air keeps media moist when spraying. Low humidity accelerates tip dry as the dry air pulls moisture from the media evaporating it faster. Also are you able to consider a larger aperture nozzle for any of the owrk you're doing - or does it all require the level of detail the airbrush your using is producing? Betwen lower pressure, which also helps control overspray, and a larger aperture nozzle - you may find some tip-dry relief.
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