aaaaghr cheap airbrush driving me crazy



As a newbie just trying to get into airbrushing and my cheap (20 quid) airbrush is clogging sputtering and making me cry.
As they say you get what you pay for.
So im going to buy a decent airbrush...
Syphon or gravity fed
Any good deals out there ???
I'm selling a badger 150 with three different nozzles and a compressor... I live in Florida though.
As a newbie just trying to get into airbrushing and my cheap (20 quid) airbrush is clogging sputtering and making me cry.
As they say you get what you pay for.
So im going to buy a decent airbrush...
Syphon or gravity fed
Any good deals out there ???

Cheap equipment can cause issues, but may not be your entire problem. Are you sure it is not your paint type or reduction?

What type of Airbrush?
What type of paint?
Like Jag said it could be your paint, you could spend £300 on a micron and have the exact same problem. Let us know what paint you use, this could be an easy fix or something more complicated.

It could be a problem that could be resolved by sorting any paint issues, but as a newbie, with so many things to think about, I would eliminate a possibly dody brush from the equation. With a new brand name brush, you will then be able to focus on any other issues, and a £20 airbrush even if it works ok, will not work as well as a brand name, won't be manufactured as well and so may not work well for long, and when you need spares you either may not be able to them or they will cost more than the brush. I recommend the Iwata hp-cs, a great all rounder, good value, easy to maintain and clean brush, and my favourite (granted I haven't tried many types, only devilbiss Dagr, a few cheap Chinese knock offs, and a couple of badgers but only tested in a store).
well i like to compare airbrushes with cars,so to learn to drive what would you use?a vw beetle or bmw 7 series?i´ll recommend two vws a krome or a talon.
Cheers all . As a card carrying cheapskate I just used some model paint I had lying about. I'll invest in some proper paint. Any suggestions for a supplier in the UK.

Thanks all
Hello mate, all good advice given and for a beginner there are a lot of pit falls to work through, getting a decent brush will be a massive help from the off. Don't worry, we have all been there:) , there are mainly two pieces of kit that you need to focus on and that's Airbrush and compressor then get some water based paints designed for the airbrush.
Iwata HP-C range or Badger Krome are great brushes to start with, watch through the AB tutor vids as all the info and help is there, as for UK suppliers I can recommend
Mick Neil at
Com art paints are great straight out of the bottle made for Iwata and hassle free, spectra tex are made for Badger,
Just play with reductions using water and have fun, all the help is here:)
Don't give up just yet, I am still using my £20 an since starting a few months ago. It took me a while to setup properly, I also played safe and used paint already reduced ready to spray from the bottle such as ComArt then concentrated on getting the air pressure correct.
awesome decision on the com art as a newb it should work wel for you. as far as guns go i can only say iwata or a krome. i have a krome and its been problem free. etac efx is slightly better thain com art and lays down smooth as silk with no rough surface but for now just stick to com art use it straight oot of the bottle and enjoy your self
If you're using a cheap airbrush, I can promise you that that is definitely part of the problem. Add in cheap paint not designed for airbrush use, and you're pretty much ensuring that you're going to make things much harder than they need to be.

My default recommendation for new airbrushers is the Iwata HP-CS. It's tough, easy to maintain and clean, it's a workhorse, and is also a very capable airbrush. IMO, it "does it all" better than any multiple-tip airbrush packages I've used, and it does it without the hassle of needing to switch out the nozzle and needle. For whatever reason, I've found that similar, competing airbrushes like the Devilbiss DAGR, Paasche Talon, etc just don't work as well, and tend to have more issues over time.

Plus, the HP-CS is a brush you don't really ever out-grow. You'll probably eventually want to add a specialized detail brush with a smaller tip, and a siphon-feed with a larger tip for larger areas, but the CS is plenty good enough to handle the other 80% of airbrushing duties. Craig Frasier likes to point out that, even with all the access to any gear he wants, he still uses his HP-CS for 90%+ of his airbrush work (although I think he uses the Kustom edition now, which makes sense since he helped develop it).

Com-art isn't really my paint of choice, but it will be a big improvement over the cheap model paints. I prefer E'Tac EFX or Wicked detail, but you could certainly do much worse than Com-art. Just be aware that it WILL tip dry, so get in the habit of cleaning your needle tip often. All paint will give you tip dry. It's simply a matter of physics. Some are just more prone to it than others. I'd say Com-art is about mid-pack when it comes to tip dry. It will happen, but as long as you're aware of it, it's not that big of an issue.
Just like to say a big thanks to everyone.

My com-art paints arrived today and what a difference they make. I'm getting in 2 hours practice easy, and while the results look a bit like a Picasso through the bottom of a beer glass, I'm beginning to see what my problems are , what the brushes failing are ,and how to fade etc ..

Im still looking for a better brush, but there is less of a hurry

just a big o' thank you to all out there