AB Blow gun


Detail Decepticon!
I use regular blow guns with my big compressor for different purposes.
An idea came into my mind why wouldn't I use it while cleaning airbrushes.
So, some time thinking over the idea and some measuring of the blow guns and parts for what they're supposed to be used for, I had drawings for the new parts for AB blow guns.

I thought, that two guns are better, than one with two heads, as in this case I don't spend time for switching between them. And also if to screw-unscrew the heads, than threads would be broken soon.

Head for blowing the cups and bottles is made with stainless steel and teflon.
Size of it is done in a way it would be possible to work with Iwata's side cups and all other bottom cups in my use.

Another head is done for blowing through the paint passage inside AB body. It's made with brass small tube and another brass part that screws in the blow gun. Parts are soldered together with a solder used for soldering tubes in fridges. Soldering was done using gas burner.

I've tried to connect it to regular AB hose and even using its small size it works well! So with bigger diameter hose it will work even better. But even now it suits me.

So now I have tools that help me while cleaning paint passages both inside the AB bodies and all the paint cups and bottles I use. When cleaning the ABs, it's possible to have some small parts of the paint remained inside the paint passages, what we all actually have from time to time. These blow guns can eliminate issues with described issues.

I'd advise to you to make something similar. Though I've already used them only twice, but could say I liked them from the start.

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Very cool ideal . I have used blow guns on my spray guns but never thought to use them on my airbrush.
I done this then sprayed the gun from the tip - all I heard was a metal sound!! The trigger drop down part flew out!!!!
Great pics bud :)
When I clean my ABs I pull out all the internal parts, so nothing will fly away:D It's not of the reason of using compressed air when cleaning, but for cleaning with interdental brushes first. I do that way always, the parts are removed. How is possible to clean the airbrush if parts are inside it? Then air is used.
When I blow on (in) something I do not point the guns at my eyes or face, it would be strange to do so;)

Blow guns are based on these