ab ferret needs help with compressor


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I will cut to the chase I need a new compressor my aspire compressor runs hot I have to leave a fan on it. if i even think of using my krome with the .4 set op and do back grund work or try to clear an art work I have to constantly let it catch up its also noisey and i need to leave it on the bed i had to remove it from the holding tank and place it near the window fan and run a hose to the tank with regulator at my feet. so if all goes well with my meating and i get to go to florida and even if i have to stay here another month or two i will need toget a better air compressor soon so I was looking at the ca airtools compressorand also thinking of building one from fridge partswhich actualy sounds like the easy and cheap way out because i already have tanks and regulators but as I said I will cut to the chase.when I was a young boy...just kidding o k il cut to the chase
what is a good compressor that does run quiet , deliver propper cfm and psi for air brushing and clearing
I use a dual set up home made silent unit, its pretty quiet, I run a 4.5 gal tank, it was from the donor. I think I spent $10 to build it. When it dies a CAT compressor will be bought.

I would not try to clear, unless i used my HP-TH, an with a .5, I don't think it would work all that well. The CAT you can get in a 1 hp with a 6.3 gal tank, and it would be no louder than the aspire when it was new.

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Am I to guess that by cat you mean ca air tool, also when I get to florida I plan to up grade my equipment iI am going to get a gun ment for clearing but remember when clearing tubing like on a bike frame a velocity with a .4 should work fine I woiuld like a gun with a flat spray patern for clearing
You are right. I am too lazy on my phone to type CA Air tool out often. I also have an iwata hp-th for the fan spray. Plus a 20 gal compressor and spray guns in the garage.

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